Artistry Men unknown™ Eau de Parfum
Artistry Men unknown™ Eau de Parfum

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A modern fresh scent you can wear daily

Create your own mark with Artistry Men unknown™, a masculine fragrance leaving you ready to face the world. A distinctively masculine mix of fresh, green and smoky notes carefully crafted for a memorable experience.

1.7 fl. oz. / 50 mL


Artistry Men unknown™ was developed by the award-winning fragrance house of IFF (International Flavors and Fragrances). Treat yourself to this affordable luxury you can enjoy every day. Add an aura of success, confidence and masculinity.
  • Top Note: Bergamot
    Crisp, zesty and uplifting note derived from the citrus fruit famously grown in Southern Italy.
  • Middle Note: Clary Sage
    Soft, green and slightly sweet, Clary Sage provides a calming effect.
  • Base Note: Patchouli
    With a rich, woody scent this member of the mint family creates a masculine base note.



Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired Amway to release a men’s fragrance under the Artistry™ brand?
Our first prestige men’s fragrance presented the opportunity to further build the equity of Artistry™ Men Skincare. Our complete line of modern skincare products are now formulated for a man to “win with skin”, and the Artistry Men unknown™ fragrance compliments skincare by also offering a great first and lasting impression with fragrance.

What was the inspiration behind the Artistry Men unknown™ brand name?
The inspiration for the fragrance is a man who is focused, driven and multi-dimensional. A man who travels his own road and enriches his life through adventure and experiences. The brand name represents a man’s journey of self-discovery and a leap of faith into the unfamiliar. The “unknown” fragrance is like a signature, or a unique mark to help men express their modernity, relevance and appeal as they travel through the world, or navigate the every day.

Where was the fragrance developed?
We partnered with the prestigious fragrance house of IFF (International Flavors and Fragrances) to create the exclusive new men’s classic—Artistry Men unknown™ fragrance. IFF is a global leader in scent creation and has been the force behind some of the most memorable and well-loved fragrances for over 125 years.

They have a cutting edge sourcing laboratory in the southern French town of Grasse where they collaborate with farmers who help ensure incomparable quality while supporting sustainability and transforming natural raw materials – such as narcissus, jasmine, rose and hundreds of other ingredients – into incomparable fragrances.

What are the key notes found within the Artistry Men unknown™ brand?
Just like stamps in a passport tell a story of travel and adventure, the Artistry Men unknown™ fragrance is composed of three key notes to tell a fragrance story. The notes vary in ingredients and intensity and are carefully balanced to create a distinctive, memorable fragrance.
  • Top note: Bergamot. Famously grown in southern Italy this crisp, zesty, uplifting note is derived from a citrus fruit.
  • Middle note: Clary Sage. Green, soft and slightly sweet, this northern Mediterranean herb has a calming effect.
  • Base note: Patchouli. A member of the mint family from Indonesia, the rich, woody scent grounds the fragrance with masculinity.
The Artistry Men unknown™ fragrance is an Eau de Parfum – with a concentration of aromatic ingredients less intense than a Parfum, but more than an Eau de Toilette. The balance ensures that the fragrance gives a masculine, and also lasting impression, and is suitable for everyday wear, or any occasion.

How was the packaging for the fragrance conceptualized?
The packaging is uniquely masculine with a square shaped bottle and rounded corners, designed to fit a man’s hand, and weighted to feel solid and substantial. It’s coated in a deep, masculine grey, rubberized exterior with a crackle pattern that can only be fully experienced through touch, symbolizing the idea of discovering something unexpected through experience. The rubberized texture also makes the bottle slip-resistant, so a man can grab it and go. The smoked, grey glass cap hints at the spray nozzle beneath, and symbolizes the mystery of the unknown, waiting to be discovered. And finally, the sleek copper plaque serves as the “face” of the bottle – symbolizing the wisdom and charisma that contributes to living a rich, fulfilling life.”

Will the Artistry Men unknown™ fragrance be accompanied by any other products?
Yes. Men can create a complete Artistry Men unknown™ fragrance experience by starting in the shower with Artistry Men unknown™ Hair and Body Wash. The multifunctional formula has a rich, creamy lather that sweeps away dirt and impurities and leaves skin and hair soft, conditioned, and lightly scented.

More Information

How to apply:
Lightly spray your Artistry Men unknown™ Eau de Parfum onto your skin at one or two pulse points (base of the throat, side of the neck, the chest, inside the wrist), where your body's heat will release the scent. Just one or two pulse points are enough for the scent to last up to 8 hours. For the longest-lasting fragrance experience, apply after showering while pores are open and spray from several inches away to disperse evenly over skin.

How to layer fragrance:
Create a complete Artistry Men unknown™ fragrance experience starting in the shower with exclusive Artistry Men unknown™ Hair and Body Wash, then subtly layer scents with a spray or more of Artistry Men unknown™ fragrance.