Nutrilite® MyPack Supplement Packs Brochure
Nutrilite® MyPack Supplement Packs Brochure
A great leave-behind gets people thinking. And the healthy, active MyPack Supplement Packs brochure can also get them buying. Stock up. Show off! And sell away! This 16-page brochure explains the smart science of expertly coordinated Nutrilite™ supplements in the MyPack Supplement Packs, the welcome convenience of grab-and-go daily dose packets, and the foundational and condition-specific combos that make MyPack amazing.



The voice of the Nutrilite™ brand is upbeat, health-conscious, and full of life. Let it speak to your customers from this beautiful MyPack Supplements brochure, one page at a time. This inviting leave-behind introduces the MyPack line simply and effectively. It takes just a moment to explain the quality and science behind the Nutrilite™ brand, the products offered, and how to get started. And then, it dedicates a colorful, open, modern spread for each MyPack product:


  • Introduces the versatile line of Nutrilite® MyPack Supplement Pack products for today’s on-the-go consumers.
  • Creates easy follow-up potential.

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